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Protect Aluminium Shutter Blinds supplies and installs custome-made awnings in quality canvas, acrylic and vistaweave mesh and come in a range colours and installation method!

Our awnings are tough & durable - Australian made.

Our awnings are tough and durable – Australian made for our harsh sun,to protect you; your floors and furniture from shun glare and direct heat.

All our awnings are custom-made so you can choose for different fabrics and installation  that suits you and your needs.

  • 100% block-out canvas add comfort by cooling your home and save on electricity bills
  • Acrylic, being lightweight, allows light and air to filter through.
  • Woven Mesh, filters light and the transparent mes allows you to still see out, retaining your view, whilst adding privacy

We have amazing colours and patterns for you to choose from: Classic striped designs with “scalloped-edge” are perfect for period style homes and “straight-edge” with fashion colours are very popular with contemporary homes.

Automatic Awnings, on guides are easy to operate, adjustable to any level you choose. Different arm lengths allow you to open windows whilst protecting you from direct sun.

Fixed Guide Awnings operate on guide channels which are permanently fixed and are perfect for double storey homes.

Strait Drop Awnings work as a spring loaded blind – ideal for windows, verandahs and alfresco areas.





Winters can be very harsh- so can the summers. You can make your home a haven from the winter with Protect Aluminium Shutter Blinds.
Strong summer heat can be prevented from penetrating a protected window significantly. Because the shutter is on the outside, it stops the heat and cold from penetraiting, unlike drapes and curtains. Winter heat losses are minimalised with a protected window. The costs of cooling and heating around your home will be dramatically reduced all year round!